Taking in a street cat as a pet

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Taking in a street cat as a pet

There are many stray animals out there who are looking for a home but they often need a check up to make sure they have no health issues before they come into the house. Many issues that stray cats have, such as fleas or ringworm, can be easily treated with over the counter treatments. It can take them a little while to get used to being part of a family, particularly if they have had some bad experiences with humans before, but before long you'll have a new and furry friend who can't wait to see you. This blog has tips for new pet owners looking to adopt a stray cat.

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A Simple Guide to Dog Grooming

Dogs can grow quite a bit of fur over time, and it is important to keep it trimmed. A heavy fur coat is a magnet for fleas, ticks and other parasites. Large fur coats are also quite difficult to clean and may cause you to spend more on pet care costs.

To keep your dog clean and neat, consider dog grooming services. They can professionally groom your dog and clip their fur to manageable levels. During dog grooming, the following process is typically carried out.

Washing and brushing

Dog grooming will typically begin with the dog being washed and brushed. This removes all tangles within the fur that could cause the clippers to get stuck or the animal to be in pain during grooming.

Using a clipper

The next step is to ensure that the right tools are available. Professional dog groomers will at least have a clipper, slicker brush and comb. The clippers can come with different types of blades, depending on how you want the final coat to look like. You will have the option of expressing what your intentions are after the trimming process so the groomers can use the right type of blades.

Groomers will also ensure that the clippers don't get too hot. There is always a risk of burning the dog with overheated clippers. In such cases, they can be cooled by spraying a coolant fluid on the clippers, changing the blades or placing the blade against a heat-absorbent material.

Ensuring the right environment

It is important for your dog to be in an environment that is relaxing and comfortable. Loud noises and turbulent atmospheres can cause the pet to become restless and distressed during grooming.

Therefore, groomers will typically ensure that the dog is in the right environment and that they are comfortable.

In addition, they will work with you to understand your dog's behaviour under multiple conditions. What makes them scared? What makes them restless?

Determining how the dog should look afterwards

Another important part of the dog grooming process is to identify what goals you have for the final fur coat. They will walk you through different trimming designs and finishes that you can choose from. This is a great way to obtain a neat and polished look for your dog. Different dog breeds have different types of coats. Thankfully, professional dog grooming services tend to be quite familiar with many breeds and how to best handle their fur.