Taking in a street cat as a pet

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Taking in a street cat as a pet

There are many stray animals out there who are looking for a home but they often need a check up to make sure they have no health issues before they come into the house. Many issues that stray cats have, such as fleas or ringworm, can be easily treated with over the counter treatments. It can take them a little while to get used to being part of a family, particularly if they have had some bad experiences with humans before, but before long you'll have a new and furry friend who can't wait to see you. This blog has tips for new pet owners looking to adopt a stray cat.

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From Predatory To Purring: 3 Tips To Help Your Cat Have A Stress-Free Boarding Experience

Going on holiday plays havoc on the emotions of pets, and it has been shown cats feel separation anxiety just as much as children do. Before any holiday approaches, take the time to make a booking at a cat boarding facility. As a first-time cat owner, you must learn how to reduce the stressful impact of a strange environment to your feline pet. There are three easy steps you can take to keep your kitty happy while you road trip with your family.

Dog-Free Facility

If possible, choose a boarding facility that does not take dogs as well. Many cats are afraid of dogs, and this goes for those felines who have been chased by a canine counterpart in the past. Continuous dog barking raises the stress level of your cat, so choose a facility without this verbal reminder that dogs are near.

Large Kennels

A cat is a predatory animal that may not play well with strange cats. Therefore, you should book a cat kennel which is large enough for them to be alone with all their luxuries without them piled on top of each other. The basics your cat needs are a bed, a litter box, a feeding area, and a play tower. A window with a ledge for them to sit and watch the outside world is a bonus. Cats do not like their toilet area to be close to their food area, so there must be plenty of space to spread their things around.

Stress-Free Staff

Take a tour of the boarding facility before you book it, and check to see what sort of energy vibe you get from the staff working there. Are they happy, friendly people? Or do they seem nervous, over-worked and stressed out? If it is the latter, keep looking for a different facility. The over-worked staff could miss warning signs that your cat is under stress and needs help. Additionally, cats pick up on if people are stressed, so being looked after by such workers means your cat's own stress levels might rise.

If you do not help your pet get through the away-from-home experience without stress, they may suffer ill health. Stressed out cats who don't eat for a day or two are at risk of contracting a fatty liver disease. Use these tips to make sure that does not happen, and ask your cat boarding facility staff if they have any further advice so you can reduce your stress about leaving your cat behind.